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The Public Health Museum is a non-profit educational and cultural resource located on the historic grounds of Tewksbury Hospital in Massachusetts. Visit the Museum to view objects, documents, and exhibits on public health history. Enjoy our events.

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We believe that the conditions of perfect health, either public or personal are seldom or never attained, though attainable; that the average length of human life may be very much extended, and its physical power greatly augmented —Lemuel Shattuck, The Sanitary Survey of 1850, Boston



Outbreak! A Public Health Experience: Student participants from Tewksbury, Methuen, Lawrence, and Hawthrone pose with Dr. Katherine Domoto, President of the Museum Board of Directors and Dr. Al DeMaria, a member of the Museum Board of Directors. 

Outbreak! A Public Health Experience- Dr. Domoto and Dr. DeMaria pose with the student participants of the 2013 Outbreak! program