Outbreak! 2018

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Past Outbreak! Activities — 2017

Outbreak! 2017 was held the week of August 7th through the 11th at the Public Health Museum. The week also featured two field trips, one to Lowell Community Health Center and one to the State Laboratory in Jamaica Plain. 



The students started out the week by getting a tour of the Public Health Museum by staff and Outbreak alumni.


Food protection and safety is very important and Outbreak! participants learned about it through simulating a family BBQ.



Participants had the opportunity to visit the Lowell Community Health Center in Lowell, Massachusetts on Tuesday morning. The trip involved a tour of the facility, learning about Community Health Care Workers, and the role the community health center plays in immigrant/refugee care.


After getting a walking tour of the historic Tewksbury Hospital campus, participants took a photo with Wellbee to promote National Immunization Awareness Month!


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Our experts in local and environmental public health teach Outbreak! participants about the importance of sewage systems and environmental regulations.


Dr. Jim O’Connell, President of Boston’s Healthcare for the Homeless, signs students’ books after his presentation on Wednesday morning.


Students were in for a treat with their visit to the Hinton State Laboratory in Jamaica Plain! They were able to trap and identify mosquitoes, tour the public health training lab (including hearing from the bio-terrorism unit), and speak with the Commissioner of Public Health (pictured below).


All smiles for meeting the Commissioner of Public Health, Dr. Monica Bharel, after hearing about her career path and what prompted her to get involved in the field of public health.



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Students practice the Heimlich Maneuver as a piece of the occupational/public health programming for Friday of Outbreak!


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What would you do in the case of a zombie outbreak?! Students learned about Emergency Dispensing Sites and how they can help in public health emergency situations.

The “graduating” class of Outbreak! 2017 participants were asked to strike a pose with their new shirts and program staff.




Of course, this week could not be possible without the support and assistance from Public Health Museum staff and volunteers, presenters who donated their time to share their valuable public health expertise, and our Outbreak! alumni who helped facilitate over the week!